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This video will walk you through  how to use the Dispatcher Portal. The Dispatcher Portal will allow the scheduler to see all appointments , make edits, as well as delete appointments.

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This video will walk you through how to use the mobile app. The PinPoint mobile app will display all appointments that the service provider will have for that day. This allows them to control when appointments start, stop, and allow contact between the service provider and the customer.

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This video will walk you through installing the PinPoint app on your device.

This video will walk you through setting up an AppleID for iOS devices

This video will walk you through how to create a GooglePlay account for a Samsung device

Installing the PinPoint App on your mobile device

The PinPoint app can be installed on either an Android or an Apple device. Data usage to support the app is minimal.

Open your app store on your mobile device, and search “myPinPoint” and click “install” to install the app. Once the app is installed, you must choose “Always” when you are prompted to enable your location. Without the location enabled, the app will not run.

Working the Dispatcher Portal

The Dispatcher Portal is currently only available as a desktop application. The dispatcher manages all appointments for the company.

Service Providers

Service Providers can be added to PinPoint through the dispatcher portal. The menu at the top of the screen will direct them to the currently page of Service Providers by choosing the “Service Providers” tab. This will show a list of all service providers with their name, the services the provide, as well as a rating based on past jobs performed. The dispatcher is also able to edit the service providers information, add new services they provide, as well as make them active/inactive. The “is active?” check box indicates whether or not a provider is able to work a job. An unchecked box means that the provider is unavailable (e.g. on medical leave etc.) When they return, the checkbox can be checked to indicate that they are now available. If a service provider is no longer working for the company they can be deleted from the list of providers using the red “delete” button.

Clicking on the red plus sign circle on the right hand side will allow for a new Service Providers profile to be created. Fill out the form with all the correct information, and be sure that the “is active?” box is checked. This tells the system that that service provider is currently able to work a job.  After the Service Provider is added, a password reset link will have to be sent to their email for them to create a password for their account. 

Adding a profile picture to the service provider profile is highly recommended. This allows for the customer to be able to know who to expect to be arriving at the door. 

The Dashboard

The Dashboard shows all jobs that are going on today, as well as in the next 24 hours. The dashboard view provides a quick glance at the jobs to be worked. It shows the time of the appointment, the customer, the type of appointment and the service provider that is going to be working the job.

The appointment details button will show a more detailed view of the job to be performed.


Updates can be provided to the customer, as well as the dispatcher, logging any contact that comes between the customer and the service provider through the app. These can include when the service provider leaves and is on their way to the destination, any predetermined messages they send, as well as when they mark the job complete.

Current Location

When a worker is on their way to a job site, the customer and the dispatcher will be notified and their location can be tracked. Location tracking is only available when the service provider is on their way to that specific job. Once the job is complete, their location will no longer be available. The link to track the service providers location will be disabled.  When they are being tracked by the customer, where they are coming from will be shown on the map, but it will not be labeled. This makes sure that the customer is unable to tell if the service provider is coming from the shop, their home, or another job.


Once the job is complete, the customer will be prompted through a text message to fill out a survey based on the service providers work based on a five star scale. They will have one chance to do this. Once the survey is filled out for that job, it cannot be redone. 


The appointments tab will show all of the appointments available to be serviced. Filters can be applied to find searching for an appointment easier by searching for the customer name, type of appointment, the service provider to be working the appointment or by a range of dates. 

Once the appointment has been found, under the actions tab, the appointment can be edited, viewed, or deleted. Edit allows for things like change of address, appointment type, or even which service provider will be working the ticket.  

New appointments can be added by selecting the red plus button on the top right. When filling out appointment details, a valid address will have to be used otherwise the new service appointment will not be created. If the address is valid, the check mark will turn green. The dispatcher will fill out the form with all the customer’s information, appointment specifications,  and assign a service provider to complete the job. 

Use caution not to double schedule service providers.

Using the myPinPoint app

The mobile app allows for the service providers to have access to their appointments and contact with their customers in a safe manner.. 

Once the dispatcher has created an appointment and assigns a service provider, it will show on that service provider’s dashboard in the myPinPoint app. Service Providers will only be able to see appointments that are assigned to them.

The customer’s name and address will be displayed as well as their phone number. 

When the service provider is on their way to the job, they will push the “play” button on their app. This will send a text to the customer notifying them that they are on the way. If for any reason the Service Provider has to stop on their way, they can push the pause button, which will disable the location tracking until they are en route again. 

The circle arrow icon will allow the Service Provider to restart their route to the job site. 

Service Providers can send predetermined texts to the customer for various reasons. The text bubble icon will allow them to notify the customer of issues through the app by selecting whichever message appropriately fits the scenario. The message will be texted to the customer through the app using the PinPoint phone number, not the Service Provider’s personal number. The customer is not able to reply to these messages.

Clicking on the red check mark button will prompt the service provider to choose one of the following options based on which scenario fits best.

Once the job has been completed, the  appointment will be grayed out and you may move onto the next appointment in the queue.